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I attended Montclair State University in New Jersey, where I studied Fashion business and merchandising in hopes of one day becoming a buyer for one of the biggest department stores in the county. As that passion and dream came to a screeching halt after dipping my toes into the murky waters of Beauty PR, I quickly reevaluated my future. As a seasoned Sephora employee since 2011 – I was always proud of the brand and product knowledge we were encouraged to prioritize. I learned at this early stage in my professional life how important continued education was and how keeping up with the current trends, products and styles will set you apart from the rest, in such a saturated industry.

Fast forward to 2015 where I hard launched my Makeupbyjaysaunz Instagram account, thinking it would be nothing more than a tangible self reflection of capturing my continued growth – the fast support I had gained inspired me to continue posting. Between my Sephora clients and the Bobbi Brown Certification program, I had more than enough content to stay consistent and share product I was proud of. With the quick and noticeable improvement in my artistry as well as the quick following I had gained, I decided to stop interviewing for my “dream job”, leave Sephora and pursue makeup artistry. I starting freelancing for local hair salons, on-location bridal teams, and took on as many independent clients as I possibly could. The inspiration and push that kept me working through the days and nights – was to hopefully get me to the place where I am proud to say I am at now.

In 2016 my makeup business quickly developed into my very own Bridal Makeup Company that I proudly grew to a team of 23 talented artists. We work upwards of 300 weddings a year with no plans of slowing down.

I am here today to inspire, educate and connect with artists around the world. Those who love the industry and love artistry as much as I do. Those who wake up every Saturday and can’t wait to meet their bride. Those who understand the importance of continued education and learning from each other. The artist that has early start times and late end times – makes sacrifices and eats, breathes and sleeps beauty. You are my people – and we are going to have so much fun.

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